Motive Power Services

Motive Power Services

We understand that a positive service experience for our customers is critical to our Company’s success.  Through a daily commitment to helping our customers and constant reinvestment into our service capabilities, we continue to improve the experience with our products and services. 

Ultra Care: Proactive Battery and Charger Management

Johnson Battery has created a proactive approach to manage the batteries and chargers that make up our customers’ motive power systems. Four different Ultra Care packages are available (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) which allow our Account Managers to work with our customers to create the right approach to meet the various needs of their applications. With over 6000 batteries and chargers enrolled in our Ultra Care program, we have a proven history of reducing our customers’ costs associated with the complete owning experience of their power system.

Field Services

Our field service team consisting of over 30 service technicians dedicated to field service and strategically located throughout Alabama, Florida, & Georgia ensure that we consistently provide quick response times to address emergency calls for batteries, chargers, and battery handling equipment.

Shop Services

Johnson Battery operates state-of-the-art repair shops and service facilities which provide the capability to complete battery and charger repairs that are neither feasible nor economical to complete in the field. In addition to repairs, Johnson Battery has developed a battery reconditioning process to guarantee that batteries are returned to their highest available capacity, increasing their performance and extending their life. Our capacity to recondition over 100 batteries per week ensures that our customers’ batteries are not out of service for extended periods of time.


Johnson Battery takes pride in delivering the highest quality batteries and chargers to our customers for their short term or long term rental needs. Our company maintains a rental fleet of approximately 2,000 batteries and 500 chargers. We are committed to providing quick delivery of a wide range of models and sizes to meet our customers’ evolving power needs. All rental batteries and chargers are guaranteed to deliver their rated power or Johnson Battery will deliver a replacement unit at no charge.