Battery Recycling

All spent batteries recycled through Johnson Battery are sent to East Penn Manufacturing for proper recycling. Our customers have the critical reassurance of safe battery recycling without the worry of debilitating fines, penalties, or paperwork associated with hazardous waste disposal laws. A Regulatory Notice is provided to our customers which documents the pick-up and proper recycling of every spent battery.

Since day one, East Penn has made safe recycling an everyday practice. East Penn opened its doors as a battery rebuilding company almost three-quarters of a century ago. Today, the company has never stopped building on its expertise, infrastructure, capabilities, and commitment. This continuous commitment has made East Penn the most progressive manufacturer in environmental protection and technologically advanced battery recycler throughout the entire industry.


Our highly efficient smelting facility provides lead required in the manufacture of our new products. It is fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection standards. Excess heat from our furnace is redirected through a radiator system to warm adjacent manufacturing facilities in cold weather. Sulfur fumes generated during the smelting process are captured and reprocessed into a liquid nitrogen sulfur solution. Over 24,000 tons of this solution is sold to make fertilizer for agricultural use each year.

  • REFINERY: Under tight computer controls, the lead is smelted and goes to the refinery where it’s combined with reagents.
  • RECYCLED LEAD: Recycled lead is alloyed to exact specifications to meet the needs of each battery or accessory line.
  • PRODUCTION: Recycled lead is used in the production of all types of new products reducing the amount of virgin materials needed.


Polypropylene (plastic) is also recycled. Battery cases and covers are cleaned, ground, and re-extruded into polypropylene pellets. The material is then blown through a pipe network to our on-site injection molding facility where it is molded into new cases and parts.

  • PLASTIC RECYCLING: Used plastic is reclaimed and processed to be remolded into cases and parts for new batteries.
  • PRODUCTION: New cases and covers are made from 100% recycled plastic materials.


East Penn scientists invented the patented process that reclaims sulfuric acid from spent batteries for use in new energy storage devices. At the acid reclamation facility, the first of its kind in our industry, heavy metals and other impurities are removed and the solution is converted into a new electrolyte, diverting this material from potentially hazardous disposal.

  • RECLAMATION PLANT: East Penn built the battery industry’s first acid reclamation plant. The reclaimed acid is used in new batteries.
  • NEW BATTERY ACID: We were the first to hold exclusive patents to the acid reclamation process

Our Company also provides recycling capabilities for nickel-cadmium batteries.

Johnson Battery's fleet of delivery trucks and professional drivers allows for easy pick-up and transportation of used batteries for recycling.

Waste Stream Management
Managing our waste stream is more than just good business – it is our responsibility to the communities that we serve and operate. And at Johnson Battery Company we take this responsibility very seriously. Our customers and employees can be proud to partner with a company that implements industry-leading processes to reduce our waste and ensures that any waste created is properly handled to reduce or eliminate any environmental impact.


Environmental, Health & Safety

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Stacking & Securing Used Batteries/Cells