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DC Power Products

DC power systems are critical to providing reliable standby power for protection and safety services utilized for power generation, substations, industrial manufacturing and the oil & gas industry. Johnson Battery works closely with our strategic manufacturing partners to create the DC power system to meet our customers’ load profile and application.

alcad.jpgBattery Chargers: Alcad’s battery chargers cater to wide range of applications. Depending on the specific features of each charger, they offer the best solution for float charging all types of stationary lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries across a wide range of applications.

johnson-battery-logo.jpgBattery Racks, Cabinets, and Enclosures: Johnson Battery designs and installs custom battery racks, cabinets and enclosures for many different applications for nickel cadmium, vented lead-acid, and VRLA batteries. Our enclosures can be designed for indoor or outdoor use and a wide range of temperatures.


envirogaurd.jpgSpill Containment: Enviroguard is the global leader in battery spill containment and environmental health & safety training. Enviroguard provides a complete line of safety equipment and other supplies for the battery room. The product line also includes a wide variety of safety and compliance products including spill containment, spill clean-up kits, protective eye wear, tools, hydrogen detectors, battery watering carts, and much more.


midtronics.jpgBattery Monitoring: Continuously monitoring batteries will provide additional assurance that the batteries will be available to deliver their designed power when needed. Johnson Battery offers a remote continuous battery monitoring program utilizing Midtronic’s equipment and software to gather the necessary information to provide detailed trending reports. Our quarterly trending reports and analysis provide a reference to the current health and condition of the battery string and a guide for battery replacement.