Telecom Power Service


Telecom Power Service

Experienced and professional project managers and field engineers deliver the highest quality of service and support to the telecommunication providers. Our experience and capabilities provide a single source for DC power in the Central Office, Outside Plant, Wireless and Customer Premise Environments.

Installation / Upgrade Services

  • DC Power Plants

  • Batteries – VRLA, Flooded , and Nickel Cadmium technologies

  • Power Transitions

  • BDFB and BDCBB

  • AC Power Distribution and Grounding

  • UPS Systems

  • Decommissioning of DC Power Plants

  • Monitoring and Control Systems

  • Spill Containment

  • Infrastructure

    • Auxiliary framing

    • Equipment cabling

    • Bay framework, shelves and modules

    • Rack and stack services

    • Office alarms

    • Network telemetry management

    • Co-location new builds

    • Augmentation of existing equipment

    • Cabling (Fiber & Copper) and testing


Maintenance Services

  • Proactive Power Routines (Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual Intervals)

  • Battery Capacity Testing

  • Temporary DC power systems (Batteries and Rectifiers)

  • DC plant, rectifier, and load meter Calibration

  • Emergency Maintenance / Troubleshooting


Engineering / Integration Services

  • Cable rack layout and design

  • DC power plant layout and design

  • Detailed specifications, material lists, and drawings

  • Power and Grounding Audits

  • Site survey

  • Warehousing Services – Inventory Management

  • Transportation and delivery