In 1928, Charles B. Johnson began repairing lead-acid batteries in downtown Atlanta, Ga. The business quickly grew to include many different types of batteries including, automotive, railroad, and aircraft. As the battery business continued to expand, Johnson Battery began working with industrial batteries around 1947, offering its services to all major battery manufactures and servicing the Southeastern United States. In 1947 Charles H. Johnson began working with his father full time and the business continued to expand and evolve as it remained focused on servicing its customers’ need.

However, in 1965 Johnson Battery sold its business to General Battery and Ceramic Corp., as the founder Charles B. Johnson elected to retire.

His Son Charles H. Johnson never lost his dream of one day re-opening the family business as he elected to remain in the battery industry and continued working with General Battery Corp.

In 1973, Charles H. Johnson’s son, Howard T. Johnson, also went to work with General Battery Corp. and began to share his father’s dream of one day restarting the "family" business as they both continued to work in the industry. In 1986 they decided it was time to re-establish the Johnson Battery name and Johnson Battery was once again open for business.

Now Howard T. Johnson’s son, Matt Johnson, and daughter, Lindsay Gowan, proudly continue the long history of the Johnson family name in the battery industry as they represent the fourth generation in the business. Matt Johnson currently serves the company as President and Lindsay Gowan serves as Vice-President. Remaining consistent with its history, Johnson Battery continues to expand and evolve along with the battery industry while maintaining its long-lived commitment to its customers.