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All spent batteries recycled through Johnson Battery are sent to East Penn Manufacturing for proper recycling. Our customers have the critical reassurance of safe battery recycling without the worry of debilitating fines, penalties, or paperwork associated with hazardous waste disposal laws. A Regulatory Notice is provided to our customers which documents the pick-up and proper recycling of every spent battery.



Waste Stream Management

Managing our waste stream is more than just good business – it is our responsibility to the communities that we serve and operate. And at Johnson Battery Company we take this responsibility very seriously. Our customers and employees can be proud to partner with a company that implements industry-leading processes to reduce our waste and ensures that any waste created is properly handled to reduce or eliminate any environmental impact.  


Environmental, Health & Safety

  • Lead & Acid - Johnson Battery Company partners with an industry leading Environmental Products and Services company to help process any potentially hazardous non-battery components that cannot be recycled through East Penn’s battery smelter.
  • Emissions - An air filtration system is used in our state-of-the-art battery testing and repair center to remove any lead particles in the air.
  • Lead Standards - Johnson Battery’s internal lead health standards are significantly more stringent than OSHA’s requirements and we continue to fall well under both standards.
  • Training - New employees receive extensive training ranging from workplace safety to proper handling of lead and acid. Our comprehensive training program consists of regular meetings to review OSHA workplace safety topics along with industry best practices and technical discussions. Through our significant investment in training, Johnson Battery is well prepared to safely support our customers battery and charger needs.